Thursday, November 03, 2011

Republic Wireless. Is WiFi the new core?

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A few years back, UMA was the talk of the town. But like all hyped technology, the fizzle comes before gradual takeoff. Is some form of UMA on the verge?

This interesting story is spreading across the blogosphere: A new U.S. MVNO called Republic Wireless has popped up with an all-you-can-eat voice/text/data deal for $19 per month.

Republic Wireless will rely on “Hybrid Calling” to bring down the costs, using WiFi for core connectivity with Sprint’s CDMA network for complementary access. (So, this is not the 3GPP standardized version of UMA for roaming between GSM and WiFi.)

Users will need to buy a customized Android handset from Republic. There’s not much in the way of detail yet, but launch is on November 8th.

One of my favorite wireless networks for voice of my choosing and data is iPass. If will be interesting to see is service providers like Republic Wireless provide a service too good to pass up.

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