Friday, May 25, 2012

Is it soon time to wave bye to touch? This computer accessory from Leap Motion gives 3D gestures meaning.

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Oh man, touch is like so five minutes ago. Is gesturing the wave of the future of input? Is it time to have a Leap of faith for a new UI?

Leap is an iPod-sized PC accessory from a San Francisco-based startup called Leap Motion. The company is looking to old, reliable replace input methods such as the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen with basically nothing at all. Leap senses hand movements in three dimensions, so waving in the air now has meaning.

Of course, this is nothing ground breaking per se: Microsoft's Kinect, now available for the PC, has the same ambitions. But Leap Motion is claiming that it is up to 200 times more accurate devices such as the Kinect. The company claims Leap can distinguish individual fingers and track movements to a 1/100th of a millimeter.

I say it's time to move forward to new amazing new UIs. Touch is for the old folks now. Set us free.

Implications: Device vendors looking for some wow, and you know who you are, look at the possibilities of bringing Leap-like capabilities to tablets and smartphones. For gaming companies and other app vendors, think how Leap bring a new dimension to the user experience.

Can's touch this:

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