Tuesday, October 09, 2012

It's the un-hands free. Is this accessory inspired by an April Fool's joke? Anyway, it's quite nifty.

It doesn't just work with gloves on, it is gloves.



Somehow I missed this product intro at the end of August. But it works well to establish both a "hand" theme and a "wearable computing" theme today.

These "hi-Call" gloves from Italian-based company hi-Fun are also a Bluetooth hands-free kit. So how much would you pay now? Don't answer yet. Hi-call also supports touch-input on capacitive touchscreen devices. Now how much would you pay? If you said €49, you'd be right. And actually that seems like a fair price to me.

I do have to wonder if this product wasn't inspired by the Qualcomm "HandSolo" April Fool's video (see bottom video).

Hi-Call gloves (Engadget video from IFA 2012):

Inspiration? Qualcomm's HandSolo:

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