Friday, July 25, 2014

School House Rock for MBA students. On corporate platitudes and white-shirt attitudes.

What a beautiful summer day it is out there, eh?

While I am cognizant that I have shared this audio feed via other channels and venues, this is consistent with my strategy of leveraging and repurposing existing investments in core assets in order to maximize returns due to my ongoing concerns of diminishing high-level ROI returns and increased liabilities.

We must plan, model, marginalize, strategize, and methodoligize in order to minimize risk while leveraging both our tacit and explicit knowledge. In our efforts to create delightful user experiences and bring the wow effect to a maximized audience by creating delightful user experiences and seamlessness of our superior ecosystem assimilation, we will expand the ease of use and readability of demographic behavioural patterns in order to build our brand while minimizing sub-brand dilution and bringing delightful user experiences to the end user consumer end user.

Team work is vital so we will break down the silos, build high-performance care teams, and reach across the table in order to innovate, productize, inventilize, ideaate and colorize. We will transition beyond our firefighting mode and uncover hidden gems. Yes, our sentences will run on but we can verbalize both our nouns and adjectives in order to weightify and codify our internal core messages while simultaneously delighting the key customers through relationship building and rapid productization. We must be laser focused on our KSPs, SKUs, ASPs, and most importantly, EVPs.

For those who have actually read this far, needless to say all this will result in significant realignment adjustments to proper size the corporate footprint. Yes, these changes are exciting and exhilarating, but I can imagine to some these lifestyle shifts might seem a bit weird. Have a great day anyway! And ROLL THE TAPE:

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