Friday, March 02, 2012

Qualcomm's WiPower. The (wireless) power struggle as the last cord shivers in fear.


These are not easy days to be a wire. Everyone is gunning for you. You can smell extinction. Now the power cord will feel the wrath of development.

So, wireless power transfer is the future. And it has been for the past 100 years. Yes, it was early last century when Nikola Tesla demo'd true wireless energy transfer.

The first step into a wireless power world will start with some sort of inductive coupling method. This isn't revolutionary as inductive coupling has been the technology used in sealed devices such as electric toothbrushes for years. Now it is standardized by the Wireless Power Consortium under the Qi brand name and should begin its march toward mainstream soon.

But there is always a power struggle with such widely-employed standardization initiatives. And Qualcomm promises something better with their WiPower technique by enabling everyday objects such as tables and counter-top to become convenient charging stations. And Qualcomm says that WiPower enables real contactless charging up to around 50mm (around two inches).

This is cool stuff. Power to the people.

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