Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Biometric touch. Disney Research Labs develop a screen which recognizes one user from another by touch.



First, I must confess I wasn't aware that Disney had a research lab which develops such things as advanced biometric touch-based technologies. But they do. And then again, it's not difficult to envision some Disney-specific use cases for unique-user interfaces.

This research project, which Disney calls "Touché," could enable touch-based devices to recognize one user from another simply via the touch of the finger. The technique works by sending "harmless electrical currents" through the user's body, and then identifying the echo via the level of resistance by the body.

The fact that Disney is developing such a technology means that we might see something like this at their theme parks or perhaps in kid-centric tablets for home and for school. But it's not difficult to envision this technique being used as an additional layer of biometric security in smartphones, ATM's, and point-of-sale terminals.

I don't want to sound goofy here, but this Disney project could enhance user interactions and simplify our lives. It could turn out to be a touch of magic.

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