Monday, September 19, 2011

Will billboards replace the supermarket? Barcodes provide the missing link

Consumers, cameras, codes, and connections. This gives the hands-on shopping experience a whole new meaning.

I've been seeing the use of mobile-readable barcodes such as QR codes more and more in both Europe and the U.S. lately. Practically every street-level billboard has one, such as those at train stations and bus stops. But I've yet to see something quite like this: a virtual store linking the consumer to an entire shopping experience through the use of QR codes.

This concept by UK-based Tesco developed for their South Korean subsidiary redefines the retail experience. It brings the store to the wait instead of waiting to go to the store. I'm not sure I would use this myself, but that probably shows that I'm just not busy enough. But is this what's in store for all of us sooner or later?

This is not a supermarket, but an incredible simulation.

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