Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Android and iOS dominate the U.S. smartphone market. Is it time for the others to panic?

NPD PR on Q3 2011 U.S. Smartphone market >>

So, Apple and Android are dominating the U.S. smartphone market with a combined share of 82% according to NPD, a firm that does sell-out research. This is almost a classic Coke-Pepsi type duopoly.

BlackBerry has now fallen to 8% from almost 50% not too many years and.

And Microsoft's Windows Phone continues to be nothing but a rounding error.

Microsoft changes WP boss. Does this indicate panic?

In a Coke-Pepsi styled smartphone platform market, who will win the battle to be Royal Crown Cola? (I realize some of you might never have heard of RC Cola.)


Michael said...

It's long past time for RIM to panic, I think.

Regarding Windows, I guess MS/Nokia will postpone outright panic until WP8. If that doesn't have a dramatic impact then it's Burning Platform II, no?

Btw, great to see you blogging again.

Peter Bryer: Mobile Foresighter said...

Thanks Michael.