Friday, January 20, 2012

Tongue in cheek: It’s time to get smart about multi-device ownership.

You have one smartphone. Maybe another smartphone. Perhaps even a third. You have a tablet, an e-reader, a laptop, a connected car, and maybe even one of those new hip smart watches. Yup, you’re maxed out, well-connected, and tied into the information superhighway in every way.

Everything’s getting hooked in. All things are tied together. Welcome to the age of the internet of things. And the age of multi-device ownership.

The chief concern now among operators is managing all these device. Creating identities. Keeping connections. Maintaining the bandwidth. And it should be noted that the current batch of service providers are not necessarily a shoe-in to control the future of the wireless world.

It’s time to get smart when it comes to managing all these devices. Someone will get this right.

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