Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is nanotech about to make a mobile splash? Hz0’s WaterBlock could save the day. It looks like nanotechnology could be here to stay.


If you haven’t seen any of Nokia's animated "Morph" videos demonstrating a vision of devices to come based on nanotechnology, take a look here. If nothing else, it’s very relaxing. But really quite inspirational.

Nanotech is really coming to save the day.

While water means life to practically all living things on earth, contact with a significant amount of water is a virtual death sentence for devices such as smartphones.

But this has got to be one of the first nanotechnology material implementations I think I’ve seen ready to be used in handsets. "WaterBlock" is a material coating created by a startup called HzO that is apparently looking for major smartphone makers as clients.

If it does what the backers say it doesn, WaterBlock could be to electronic guts what Gorilla Glass has been to the screen. At least some of the web-based demos appears impressive and the technology has received good feedback from CES 2012. While WaterBlock doesn’t waterproof a device, the coating does make gadgets water resistant.

Nanotechnology is coming to protect us.

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