Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The multi-screen strategy. The Nintendo Wii U. Good news and bad for Nintendo with this one.


First, the bad news: Nintendo's efforts to make the most nauseating preview video of all time (please see the emedded video below) falls far short of the world-class work done by Microsoft back in 2009 with the amazing "Windows 7 launch party" video. But clearly Nintendo and their PR firms gave it their all. So kudos guys.

But the good news for Nintendo is that the new "Wii U GamePad" looks like a rather swift, albeit bulky, addition to Wii family. I suspect the demographics of the bobbleheads-styled Nintendo sports games are a bit different than that shown in the video and most 20-something men have moved onto more significant developments in their lives than playing Wii games, like having their first children or playing Xbox games.

All in all, this is a rather nice multi-screen play from Nintendo. The use of NFC in the U GamePad deserves extra credit. The company still has significant gaps and challenges in front of it, but this could be a fairly happy holiday season for Nintendo.

Question 1: Is this the goofiest product preview video ever?
Question 2: could this be the same guy in both videos who doesn't know how to button a shirt?


NOPE! Sorry Nintendo, Microsoft still has you beat by a mile with this classic from 2009:
WARNING: This video will make you sick.


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