Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is that an Apple I smell in your pocket? Move over brand names, brand logos, brand colors, brand slogans, and brand theme music. Here come brand scents.

Nissan will introduce an official brand smell.


This might not be directly mobile related, but thinking someday we might be holding a "smell-e-phones" in our hands or watching smell-e-vision, it might be time for your company to start working on the official company odor.

For brand building, here's something pretty sweet: an official brand fragrance. Nissan will be introducing their official scent at an upcoming auto show, and the same scent will be used consistently across showrooms and all marketing venues.

So, does your company have its official brand scent yet? You might want to get to work before all the good smells are taken.

Another one for the senses. NTT's Frangrance Phone from 2008:

Nissan executive discusses appleaing to the senses.

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