Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Kidlets. Polaroid's $150 Android tablet for kids pushes commoditization to new levels.



Tablets as kids toys for $150? Yup. Let's call them kidlets. Tablet commoditization is reaching new heights.

Here is a child's tablet from Polaroid Corporation (which really has nothing to do with the long-bankrupt instant camera company). This tablet runs Android 4, has a seven-inch screen, customized apps for kids including a Nook eReader app, and appears to be a pretty tough device.

The inclusion of an eReading app could lead to some interesting content-based business models.

This isn't the first kids tablet. In fact, Toys R Us has been selling kids tablet computers for several seasons now. So, is this a sign that the tablet market is one to get into? Or perhaps one to get out of?

Polaroid's PTAB750 $150 kids' tablet:

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