Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have fun on the playground with your own ultrasound-enabled smartphone. Is this a sound product idea?

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Now it's easier than ever to share your inner-most feelings with your friends with your own connected mobile ultrasound machine!

There are all sorts of cool mobile accessories popping up on the market these days, cementing the smartphone as the center of our personal universes. And some of these have some serious uses too. Mobile healthcare is one industry in the embryonic stages at the moment, but just look at the type of products that are appearing on the market.

Mobisante, a company based out of Redmond, has just released the "MobiUS," a portable "smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system." This $7,500 system combines a standard USB ultrasound probe, a Windows Mobile smartphone, and software to enable ultrasound imaging on the go.

It's interesting to note the use of a Windows Mobile device rather than iOS or Android. The key reason given is the support of USB input. And of course this package has been several years in the making: the healthcare business has its own cocktail of regulatory red tape.

Will such portable medical devices begin to make its way to the consumer market? This looks like it could ultra fun at a party.


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