Friday, October 07, 2011

Tongue in cheek: Natural user interfaces gone too far. An example of a man–machine interface gone terribly, terribly wrong. VIDEO!

Please remember to use the power of voice UI for good instead of evil. Don't drive the end user crazy by steering them in the wrong direction.

So, is voice UI about to make its big professional debut? Is it about to play in the big leagues and sit at the adults' table along with its ITU, QWERTY and touch contemporaries?

Maybe. But any implementation can be pushed too far. When developing natural user interfaces, it's important to decide just how much natural should go into the mix. In reality, reality isn't always that great.

So UI designers, please be careful: you don't want to drive users up the wall with overly realistic interactions. Give them a break at times. Or is that, brake? Roll the tape:

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