Monday, October 17, 2011

Generation eX-print. What’s wrong with this picture? It doesn't move. The clock is ticking of physical media.


Show a ten-year-old child of today an old rotary-dial telephone, and they might not quite know how to work it. Heck, they might not even recognize it as a phone.

Let’s look where things are heading for print media. How many music CD's do your children buy? None would probably be the most correct answer. Physical media is facing a floundering future.

How many more generations are left that will buy physical magazines and newspapers? It’s sad to say this, but it’s soon time to move on. This won’t be a painless disruption: lots of jobs are on the line. Think of all the magazine kiosks around the world. And the delivery people. And the production departments. And, well, lots of change.

But of course this mean opportunity for someone. Tablet and handset makers: this is your market now. Get it right and ride the wave.

Here’s a cute little home video that’s probably going to go viral if it hasn’t already. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, it must be broken:

Sometimes it’s simply time to let go:

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