Friday, March 15, 2013

And the key mobile trend of week 11-2013 was...

sensors. Yes, sensors both inside and outside the device are growing wild like weeds.

For your consideration:

Samsung's new well-being related accessories >>

Samsung Galaxy S 4 sensors include gestures, barometer, thermometer, hygrometer (humidity), eye-tracking... >>

Ingestible sensors interact with handsets to get to the heart of the matter >>

Scanadu senses like a Star Trek Tricorder >>

Asthma data collected in Louisville via GPS, other sensors >>

Cool teaser of the Leap Motion 3D sensor >>

And there was a lot more sensor-related news around this week. Sensor expansion in smartphones and accessories including barometers, humidity sensors, thermometers, gestures, pedometers, breathalyzers, ECG monitors, allergy testers, more...

Barometers in smartphones? Yes! They're trending now. (Likely used to increase the accuracy of altitude measurements with the added potential of some crowd-sourced weather forecasting.) If you're a smartphone vendor, you're under pressure now to expand your senses. The heat is on:

Samsung gets a jump on competitors in sensor fusion potential:
Sensors in the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 include accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture, eye-tracking...

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