Thursday, March 07, 2013

MYO. A gesture input accessory that could arm a new generation of mobile users.


KEY TRENDS: wearable computing, gesture input, natural-user interfaces, non-touch input

Is the future of touch non-touch?

Thanks to Wendy S. for pointing this one out. In a world of boring, flat, look-alike devices, here is some wow,

Wearable computing has become a white-hot trend over the past few months. And with devices like Leap Motion Controller and Kinect around, gesture-based input looks like a great complement or even replacement for touch.

So, here is the MYO from a startup called Thalmic Labs. MYO combines two hot trends in one making it hot squared.

Below is a promo video for MYO. This does look smooth. The screen of the future could be the space in front of you. It even appears that the military is interested in using the device to arm their field soldiers.

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