Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Breaking news: Samsung's Galaxy S IV might really be an eye phone!

Yes, even more just look at it this way! EYE-PUT.


TRENDS TO NOTE: eye-put, natural-user interfaces, biometrics, non-touch input

Samsung has been doing some great re-purposing of smartphone sensors. For example, Samsung's "SmartStay" feature uses the phone's front-facing camera to determine is a user is actually looking at the screen or not to maximize the use of battery juice.

And now, according to The New York Times, it looks like Samsung will be taking this further with "Eye Scroll:" when the user looks down at the end of a webpage, it will automatically scroll down to more info. It's a small convenience, but it's easy enough to envision a few use cases where this non-touch input could really be practical. And it shows that Samsung is taking marginal steps forward as it grows its lead in the handset market. All innovations great and small count for Samsung.

I've written about a number of "eye-put" developments over the past year. (Please see the eye-put signals on my blog here.) Is this something to look forward to? It could be, so other smartphone players had better see to it.

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