Tuesday, March 12, 2013

G-Trip & GMIC 2013. Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing May 2013. Go Get networked.

I've been writing quite a bit lately about the fantastic global influence of the Chinese mobile market and its players. China is not only the world's largest market and home to the world's largest mobile service providers, it is also home to more global top-ten smartphone vendors than any other country. Chinese companies are altering the market at all levels of the stack: Chinese component vendors, for example, are changing industry dynamics by lowering barriers to entry, and new Chinese mobile-web services are being envisioned and rolled out across a market of greater than one billion potential users. And beyond.

So, for those of you following this white hot market and its vendors and entrepreneurs, here's a conference that provides you with an opportunity to network with many of the key players.

The Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing this May and the extended "G-Trip" will provide you with the opportunity to meet an eclectic series of interesting executives including leaders from Tencent, Sina, UCWeb, Nokia, BMW, Jolla, Samsung, Softbank, and one of the hottest smartphone vendors around, Xiaomi.

The kind producers of G-Trip and GMIC contacted me to share a 25% discount code with any readers who might attend. You can register your attendance at http://beijing.thegmic.com/register/ and paste in the following code into the "discount code" section: GMIC-VQ9596MT .

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