Monday, March 11, 2013

More look at it this way: "eyeCharm" piggybacks on a Kinect to bring eye-put to PCs.


KEY TRENDS: eye-put, natural user interface, Kinect

Gestures and words, thoughts and looks. User interfaces are changing. Naturally! Is it time for mobile device vendors to set their sights on non-touch input?

Here's another eye-put signal: "eyeCharm" from a startup called NUIA rides on top of a Microsoft Kinect. Hooked up to a PC, the accessory allows the user to control scrolling with eyeball movement.

Weather users will actually take to this new type of user interaction remains to be seen, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

For those looking to network with Chinese mobile players and understand the market: the kind producers of the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2013 and the extended "G-Trip" contacted me to share a 25% discount code with any readers who might wish to attend. You can register your attendance at and paste in the following code into the "discount code" section: GMIC-VQ9596MT

GWIC 2013. Be there. And see see Tiananmen Square.

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